Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Big Brush and a Deadline

I've been creatively challenged lately, trying to decide what's my style? what do I really want to paint? I'm still figuring that out but I had to do something, so I challenged myself to paint bigger, use a big brush and do it in 2hrs.
My self imposed time frame was because I have company coming over and to do this painting I had moved into the dining room table. So clean up time was in the morning. The deadline actually made me think quicker about what to do to get results.
So this painting is on a 1/2 sheet and I used a 2" brush and a 10 round for the finer details. I threw colbalt blue for the darker areas and then laid different mixtures of Quin gold/Burnt Umber/Perm Rose for skin tones, hair was done with Pth.Green/Aliz Crimson and some Ultra Marine, Background was done in U. Marine and Indigo and the robe is Prussian Blue with U. Marine as darks.
There's some tweaking I need to do but overall I felt it was a good way to move some creative energy!


  1. Wow Sheila! The big brush and deadline really worked for you! I like the modeling in the skin tones. Thanks for signing on to my blog. Can't wait to see your kitty finished! I'll be back.

  2. What a good way to push yourself, Sheila! I think your style is becoming more and more recognizable as time goes on-I'm seeing a strong graphic look to your work.

  3. Janice is right. Your style is very graphic and powerful. I like your bold coloration and the way you are presenting it in such a simple way.