Monday, August 24, 2009

Me iron? the irony of that!

Me Iron? I usually buy clothes, that never need to be iron, in fact cant remember the last time I turned a iron on. But I had heard about an easy way to flatten out your watercolors by ironing them, so I thought I would try it out on this new painting of an orchid.
I laid the painting face down on some viva paper towel on top of a piece of foam board and set that on the iron board. I then lightly sprayed the back of the painting, then laid down a cloth napkin, and ironed on a low heat.
It worked really well! I liked the fact I didn't have to wait all night, and find all sorts of heavy things to lay on it for weight to help press it out. So doing some ironing wasn't so bad.....

Yupo Stonehenge

Here's a quick YUPO painting I did of Stonehenge, it was fun reminiscing about being there. Wish I could go back there right now. It was a great place to visit. I used Raw Sienna Burnt umber, Ultramarine Blue , Antwerp Blue, and Paynes grey.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Big Brush and a Deadline

I've been creatively challenged lately, trying to decide what's my style? what do I really want to paint? I'm still figuring that out but I had to do something, so I challenged myself to paint bigger, use a big brush and do it in 2hrs.
My self imposed time frame was because I have company coming over and to do this painting I had moved into the dining room table. So clean up time was in the morning. The deadline actually made me think quicker about what to do to get results.
So this painting is on a 1/2 sheet and I used a 2" brush and a 10 round for the finer details. I threw colbalt blue for the darker areas and then laid different mixtures of Quin gold/Burnt Umber/Perm Rose for skin tones, hair was done with Pth.Green/Aliz Crimson and some Ultra Marine, Background was done in U. Marine and Indigo and the robe is Prussian Blue with U. Marine as darks.
There's some tweaking I need to do but overall I felt it was a good way to move some creative energy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitty Kat

Working on Kitty, our 12 yr old cat, sad to say that she's known as "Kitty" and not by her given name "Angel". Why that is I'm not sure, but we've always just called her Kitty, maybe it's because she acts more like a Kitty than an Angel. (My husband seems to think so when she's banging on the door at 6am for food! and meowing "Fresh Kitty Food Now!")

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All done at once!

I've been busy with a few paintings and none of them were finished till now.

1) Persimmons on Yupo

2) 4th of July hulu dance - capture this cute girl at a 4th of July Chili cookoff dancing to Michael Jackson and hulu'ing.

3)Colorful elephants - Got this copyright/royality free photo from Wikipedia Common's. On the site there is a ton of reference photo's that the photographer gives full permission to use. (Not all are like that so check the photo details)