Sunday, October 14, 2012

Be Happy!

"be happy"
Mixed Media

Fun technique to try out for Mixed Media art. 

Joint Compound that you can get at local hardware store and various stuff to stamp and press into it. 

I started with a 6x6 canvas that was prepped with gesso and layered a thin layer of joint compound on it. I then took various stamping materials to press into it. The dotted lines under the hearts is from a hair comb and the flower motif is from a scrapbook border (paper card stock) that gave a good impression. The rest are stamps. 

After you get the stamping done, let it dry out for 48+ hours. Since it was on canvas it seem to dry a little slower, maybe I had it on too thick in some places. After it's dry, I put on a clear coat of acrylic spray. Then painted the base coat with fluid acrylic yellow, let dry, spray with clear acrylic, and then added the next color, wiped off areas where I wanted the yellow to show through and repeated the process.

Happy Sunday and "be happy" my Friends :)

Pueblo Mixed Media

Pueblo Mixed Media
Watercolor, Acrylic

Had fun playing with fluid acrylics and watercolor in this piece.