Monday, April 26, 2010

Me-OM.... whimsical Cat Buddha


Just something fun I came up with and had fun painting. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

34/100 "Penny Experiment Art" - Feed the Hungry

# 34/100 "Penny Experiment Art"

"This is my journey as I try to see if I’m correct by turning that “worthless” penny into $1,000,000 of food for local food banks." Jeffrey Strain

A great project was sent to my attention called the "Penny Experiment" created by Jeffrey Strain. He found a penny on the ground and felt called to turn a "worthless" penny into a $1 million dollars for food for local food banks. One of his projects to create money is to ask Artists to create little works of art 3x5 to 6x8 to be sold , the profits would be used to buy food for food banks.
Check out the Penny Art Gallery and there might be still openings for Artist to participate, email Jeffrey and check the website for more information and Facebook "Penny Experiment"

I completed my artwork and have sent this statement with it. It's my hope that more people will join his facebook fan page to give "power" to Jeffrey as he completes this life giving project.

Inspiration/About Art:
My inspiration of this piece was that I wanted to give “Power” to the project because I believe in it and see great service in feeding the hungry. If all of us stepped into our “Power” and did something for Humanity, what would life be like today?

When thinking of ideas of what to do I saw an ad that showed a powerful gladiator who was ready to do battle, the energy he projected was intense and I liked the idea of using him as a symbol of power for the success of the project in reaching its goal.

Significance of the Number: 34

I received # 34 randomly but the Universe happily sends messages to our soul. This number describes where I’m at on my path and it’s a confirmation that things aren’t as random as we tend to believe.

Looking up the # 34 on the internet, it says “The number 34 bestows spiritual wisdom through careful observation of people and things, and worldly success by learning through experience.

Reduced to a single entity 7, (3+4=7) this vibrates to the planet Neptune. It represents spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mystery. 7 is the number of illusion and delusion, sometimes deception but also the number of healing and miracles, faith and dreams that do come true.

If you are influenced by the number 34, 25, or 7, you tend to have remarkable dreams. Secretly, you have an intense interest in esoteric mysteries, mythology, the unknown etc. Often, your mere presence has a soothing effect on a troubled person. The 7 vibration is associated with peculiar ideas about religion, a dislike of following the beaten path and a tendency to adopt political beliefs which are unique and somewhat non-orthodox.

Materials: Watercolor and Pencil on Watercolor paper

Size: 4x6

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kathleen Alexander Flower workshop

Picture of our workshop space

Reference photo for painting

My painting in progress
Finish painting!

Such a wonderful time I had at Kathleen Alexander's flower watercolor workshop. She amazes me every time I see her work. Her keen eye for color and details blows me away she'll point out colors in a simple photograph and I'd have to look real hard, but I'd start to see what she's seeing and wow! I never saw that, so the biggest thing I take away each time from her workshops is to pay more attention and really look, look for the subtle colors and color mixtures and hues.

In this flower painting we did, she had us start out with a underpainting of colbalt blue and a little sap green for the shadows in the flower petals, then with a bright rose pink on top of that. The background we used Holbein shadow green to get that rich dark background, the leaves we used green gold and sap green. She showed us to soften the highlights in the background to give that fuzzy look and where hard and soft edges were. It was a great workshop and I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A place of my own - New Art Studio

New paint job outside is next but it's comfy inside

Painting area, new Buddha that's a WIP and that ugly box on my desk, works great as a incline for painting. It was a box that some watercolor paper came in.

Office work area
New artwork, the large one is a Angel with a stained glass behind her, I'm still working on the stained glass portion because I don't like what I've drawn. I'm itching to start on to the Angel but "patience" I keep telling myself... the other painting is a flower painting I did at a recent workshop I took with Kathleen Alexander, it was a great workshop. I'll be posting more info on that workshop next.

Well I finally did it, I moved out to our "Shed" out back, it's actually a custom shed that we bought long ago for additional storage from The Shed Shop . (Check them out if your in need for additional living space or storage. )
The "shed" is now " My Art Studio" Yay! After getting it cleaned out, the paint touched up and moving my art desk out there, I can say I now have a place of my own. It's amazing how quiet it is out there and no distractions from the family. I can "zone" out for hours and just paint, what a amazing experience.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fresh Start! Art show


SCVWS Members' Spring Watermedia Show

March 1-28, 2010

Perfect Title for this posting, I'm off to a fresh start and no looking back!

I participated in the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor "Fresh Start!" spring show. My first ever! Here's a picture of my painting hanging on the gallery wall.
Yippee! the first of many milestones to come. :-)

And a Big Thank You to everyone for your supportive words and comments on my last blog posting. I've decided not to return to the class and move forward and keep a positive attitude. " A Fresh Start! " :-)