Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bears One

This is "Bears One" a Sioux Native American, that was shot as a black/white photo and I took creative license and added the colors. Although, I'm not sure if Bear One is male or female, I've choosen to paint it more "feminine" with the colors I've chosen.
I used Manganese Blue and Ultramarine blue for the scarf, for the face I used Q. rose+Gamboge+Burnt umber, with touches of Cobalt and Ultramarine blue for greying down. For the background, I used Alizarin Crimson and Phthalo green which gave me deep grape color.
The other thing that I wanted to share was that I had torn a full sheet into different sizes and it's been fun choosing what to paint on them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Koi Harmony

Felt inspired to throw some large puddles of paint down, so I cleared off the Dining room table and covered it with plastic and brought my painting stuff out there.
I tore a full sheet in half and mixed up some Perm Rose, Hansa Yellow and Phthalo Blue. I then used some plastic food wrap to throw in there. I started by placing the yellow on top, then the blue on the bottom, then the red in the middle. I let it move and liked it so I then placed the wrap down, I was thinking I was going to do a Angel or something fluid looking and ended up with with this fish shape.
I pouring some color under the wrap and squished it down and started looking at the rest of the painting. This type of painting is fairly quick since you are just throwing down color and placing the wrap or other materials down on it and then you have to wait for it to dry, usually a overnight or you can speed up the process and blow dry. I choose to let it dry overnight.
One thing I learned from previous pouring like this is to lay paper towels around the edges to pick up the excess paint, then it wont creep back into the painting and create blossoms.
Anyway, as I was looking at it I thought it would be cool to throw in the yin/yang symbol and so I broke out my sponge and removed paint in that shape. I also used the sponge to make the swirly movements in the water. I really like using the sponge in this way!
I added some Quin Gold and Payne Grey to darken some area's, I'm still tweaking it, and I haven't took it to the mirror yet, so there still work to be done.
It was really fun doing it.

Wedding Rose updated

I'm thinking that this rose is done, although I'm living with it right now to see if anything else bugs me about it. I've found that it useful to look at it in a mirror to see flaws or area's that need correcting.
One artist I read somewhere, brings a mirror with him when he plein airs (he set it up besides him, slightly above and off to the side of him) and he says he refers to that mirror frequently as he paints. I might do that in my studio area, but I'd have to figure out how to hang it or maybe I'll just put one in the room so I dont have to run into the other room to see it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Rose - WIP

Work in progress Wedding Rose. Today my son got married and I started this rose for him and his new bride as a gift and for their wedding card. It's turning out way better than I expected! Must be all the good blessings of love I'm thinking for them as I paint.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are one of my favorite flowers and so easy to grow in the garden.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canyon De Chelly

Working on this shot of Canyon De Chelly, AZ that I took a few years ago on a tour with a guide Adam Teller of Antelope House Tours. He was wonderful and told us many stories about his people and the Canyon. I highly recommend him.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Colorful Window

We'll I've finally got something posted. Yeah! I've been meaning to posted in the last couple of weeks, but life had other things planned for me. I didn't do much painting but I was able to work and finish this Colorful Window piece.
I took this window picture in one of the historical sites we visited in Germany a few years back. I would love to go back to Germany. The country and the people are wonderful. We found a great flight for $600 round trip in mid September. Couldn't resist that price to go to Germany!
It was tricky trying to take a picture of this to post on the blog, a close up shot didn't give the whole picture of what it was so I took a wider angle shot with my reference photos.
I did discover I like to look and take pictures of repeating patterns but having to paint them is a pain! Heehee! the things I discover about myself when painting. No More Circles!!!