Friday, January 9, 2009

What the Hell, you might as Well.......... YES!

Excuse me!, but this caught my eye in Julia Cameron's "Walking in this World" The practical art of creativity book.

We had just finished seeing Jim Carrey's "YES MAN" movie, which was good, motivational and eye-opening to the wonderful possibilities of saying "YES". Liked it on many levels and recommend seeing it.

Decided to stop in the bookstore and I found this book. The first task is "What the Hell, You Might As Well", Huh? had to look it up and see what that meant. Basically, we sometimes get stuck and we just have to take/make some small creative movements to get the energy moving forward, seeing that we have choices and a new sense of direction.

So the task at hand is to write a list from 1-20 and list 20 small creative actions you could take. For example:
1. Paint the kitchen windowsill.
2. Hange lace on my bedroom door
3. Put the primrose into a good pot.

and etc. ...

Wow, seeing Yes Man first, getting all motivated, and now finding this book to help me get my energy moving. It's Great! Yes! yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,...
So tomorrow I'm going to work on my "What the Hell list"
oh yes.................

About Julia:
Julia Cameron is famous for her book "The Artist Way" She has a amazing
website and forum

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