Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dragonfly WBO #5

Hi There! Here's number five of my still life,..... huh?! where's the still life, I know, and it's "implied" there, really it is! see the blue angled line on the left, that's the small green vase and the burnt sienna line next to it, represents the red vase.

This piece was interesting while painting, it didn't turn out the way it was drawn out, I had alot more lines that was on the painting that didn't get painted once I got started. Good thing too, because it would have been to busy and cluttered.

I've been struggle with if I can get away with the implied part of it for the class and I think I can because I believe the purpose of the class is to unearth the artist you truly are and to help understand what type of art work you gravitate to creating. Also to unbound yourself and create your own designs and of course teach you design principals.
Well I hope it's ok, I'll let you know if I get dinged for it at class. :-) (I doubt it, since Mike is a really, really, nice teacher)


  1. Wow.... you are really stretching your wings on this. Very cool! Love the colors you used here too.

  2. You have so beautifully captured the irridescence of the dragonfly's wings! Gorgeous work!!

  3. Sheila, This is really beautiful! That dragonfly is gorgeous and the shapes and colors throughout the piece just sing! I hope your teacher gave you an A++ on this one!

  4. Sheila, that is a great concept. Love your colors. Vibrant and alive

  5. Hello dear Sheila... Wonderful !! :)
    It really is a beautiful painting, The colours are bright and uplifting. This painting makes me feel good. I think your teacher should be very pleased, and I think he must be a good teacher :)

    Wishing you a good day there...

    Brenda xhugx

  6. Too bad you got ding-ed...I like it a lot.
    Maybe it was the dragonfly taking all the spotlight. Remember I did faces, people, and ocean, etc in some of mine. They were my favorite ones even if I deviated from the lesson! Keep are doing GREAT!!

  7. This is a really interesting painting. The dragonfly is very pretty and colorful. I'm going to go look around your blog...