Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paint my Photo!

Great idea! and Great site!

This is a great idea where photographer's and artist come together and art can happen.

read on...

Paint my Photo
What's the Idea?
"Very Simple, there are lots of great Photographers out there in internet land, and there are lots of Artists of all abilities who would like to paint from photographs. The problem is that Copyright law prevents this, although many photographers would love to inspire other Artists (Yes I do agree photography is an Art, I chose the terms 'Artists' and 'Photographers' for clarity). So-If you have posted photographs here, it is because you are happy to allow derivative works to be created. You still own the copyright of your photos of course. The Artist can, if the photographer has selected that option on joining, contact the Photographer to enable them to see the work. The Artist can sell their work as normal, if the photographer wants 'first refusal' on the Artwork, that should be by private arrangement and has nothing to do with 'Paint My Photo'. Artists can place links to where there work can be purchased. Photographers can place links to where other work and prints can be purchased. Anyone spamming and not following the spirit of the site will be warned and advised before any action taken.
****IMPORTANT!**** We are a site for natural media only, no digital artwork, thanks for sticking to this rule.
I hope this site proves useful, have Fun everyone!"


  1. How cool is this! Thanks for the info Sheila E. I'm going to check it out right now!