Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pastel Class.... it's a "couple's" thing

Sheila's Ocean
19.5 x 12.75"

Arnold's Ocean
19.5 x 12.75"


I'm taking a Friday night pastel class with Jeff Bramschreiber at the Triton Museum. It's a ten week class for all levels. It's been fun and I've gotten my husband Arnold to join me! (it's a couple Arnold's never done any type of art outside of drawing so this is new experience for him. And he's doing great!

What I discovered is that I love taking this class on Friday night because it moves the energy inside me to create over the weekend. I feel so free and unbounded. Usually I'm all worked up to create something that I wake up early on Saturday only to feel stressed about finding something to paint!
But the last two weekends, I've been less stressed since I've created something that didn't take any planning other than showing up :-) and just going for it. Fun!

This week's theme is on "Oceans"

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  1. I love all the color in your sky that's reflected in the ocean. And it looks as though you got some good texture on the beach. Arnold's drawing is so bold and graphic! It's a really strong piece, and he should be proud of his results. I'm in the John Salminen workshop all week-what a wonderful teacher! It's a prelude to getting back to painting after a sluggish year. Miss you!