Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dont Stop for directions.. Lotus

22x30 Arches 140lb
Watercolor & Pastel
Sheila Estep

Picture taken outside for better lighting. 

Sharing what's on the easel, this one almost ended up as scrap. I began this a couple months ago and had a clear direction of where I was going with it but then I got some "advice" on what would look better.... and then it went way south from there.
Anyway, it sat around for awhile before I said "whatever!" it'll be whatever it will be, so I threw some pastels on it and added more watercolor to it and here we are. There still a few tweaks I want to do to it but I'm happy that it didn't end up as scrap.
So moral of the story is don't ask for directions when you already know where your going. :)
Happy Saturday!! 


  1. Hello Sheila:) Ha ha, good advice, thank you! I love the painting and especially the brightness of the flower and the big petal on the upper left. It didn't turn out that bad! Happy sunday!:)

  2. Beautiful, Sheila! The lotus just glows against your beautiful background.

  3. There's some really nice things happening here Shelia!. Glad it ended up a keeper. I love your advice, "Don't ask for directions when you know where you're going!"