Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cuppa Joe x 2

Cuppa Joe 1

Cuppa Joe 2


Took this picture at breakfast the other day and had fun creating the two paintings. I don't know if I should paint in the "half and half" writing on the lid of the creamer, what do you think?


  1. Sheila-
    I love all of the colors blending in the top painting! I also like the composition in the bottom painting, with the napkin and knife. My advice re: the words on the half-and-half is to use "art writing." It suggests words but isn't legible. What size are they? Sorry you weren't at the SCVWS party yesterday. I miss seeing you! I'm off to Seattle for a week but hope we can get togther to paint-just like old times-after I return.

  2. Thank You Janice, Miss You! I think it would look better with the art writing too. See you when you get back girlie!

  3. Very nice! I love the colors in these, Sheila. I agree with Janice's comment of maybe a suggestion of lettering.

  4. Thank You Michelle, i agree, it does seem to not register right.

  5. hello Sheila, I like the first painting more than the second, the colouring speeks to me and yes I think that some writing on the milk pot would be better too, but not so it draws the eye away from the cup of coffee.

    Hope this helps... have a good day :)

  6. Very nice, I love your use of color they are very appealing!

  7. I think it's great! Luscious colors. (btw I love the banner at the top of your blog ... Buddha, right?)