Sunday, February 27, 2011

E1 Abstract - For Emily

3.13.11- Updated E1 Abstract. I've been messing with this since I last posted it and have done a few revisions to it, seeing something I didnt like and tweaking it. Mainly softening the distracting center ball, lines leading off and toning down whites which I liked at first, but distracting later. I've also deepened the colors and added more darks. Sorry for all the varying lighting issues, I wanted to take this in natural lighting but time was limited on catching the best light. Thanks for looking!

Items I traced on to paper


Got up early on Saturday to prepare food for my granddaughter Emily's 1st birthday. At least that's what I intended to do... Get up early, prepare food, get ready for party, and maybe start a painting. Uh, it went more like start painting, keep painting, oh crap, I gotta stop painting, and on and on because I couldn't tear myself away from painting this. Eventually I did force myself to go make the food and get ready and finally leave the house for the party!

So the title of this painting is "E1" abstract for my granddaughter "Emily 1st" birthday. It started out with simple things I found around my desk. Traced around the items and painted with Aliz Crimson, Aureolin, Burnt Sienna & Black (pthalo green+aliz crimson)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wha the...I keep thinking you're in your twenties and get freaked out when you're talking about grandbabies and stuff.

    This is gorgeous! You should do a series. Thank you for sharing your "tools of the trade". I might try this one day.

    Oh, dragonfruit [which I tasted for the first time] is similar to texture to a strawberry because of the soft pulp and tiny seeds. However the flavor is so mild, it's almost anti-climactic to its crazy exterior.

  2. What a beautiful piece and I not an abstract art fan! Still, this is luscious!

  3. Terrific! You continue to amaze and inspire me!

  4. sheila, your art is very impressing, i like the motion in your paintings. great blog