Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paint and Draw Together - Red Rose

Red Rose

Paint and Draw Together is one of my favorite painting challenge site, the photo's for the challenge is always top notch and beautiful. I highly recommend joining along.

This month's really pushed my boundaries on painting lace, ugh! to many details! ugh! my inner immature painting child was whining about doing it because I was sure to mess it up. So I left it for last and struggled along and was ready to forget about posting it, till dear hubby walks in and says that looks great! (Love this guy!) so voila! here it is and Thanks for looking!


  1. I totally got the vibe this morning to check out your blog for updates. And I am soo happy I did. This stunning rose is taking my breath away, and leaving me in that still place inside the spirit. I adore it,
    (and you! And your dear hubby, too!)

  2. Beautiful, Sheila! You are aleays so bold and fearless with color. The lace does look daunting-my inner and outer whiny self would have put off painting it, too! I looked at the "Paint and Draw Together" site and will take on the next challenge. Thanks for the new idea.

  3. Very well done Sheila, rich and luscious colors also great skill in the lace department.