Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Get the Lead Out Abstract"

Happy Sunday!

Some day's I just want to "get the lead out" and just paint something, mainly because I'm so impatient and limited on time and Dang it!, I just want to feel like I've accomplished something :-) 

Btw, when writing this, I thought 'what is the meaning of  "Get the Lead Out"?'

I didn't have a clue of it's origin and true meaning so I had to look it up and found this definition:

"is short for "Get the lead out of your ass/britches/butt/feet/
pants", which is long for "Move!" These expressions originated in
the U.S. circa 1930."
 "Get the Lead Out"
Mixed media of Acrylic,Watercolor, Caran d'Ache crayon, Spray Paint

This painting is for my husband office, should I share the true meaning of this painting with him? it essentially means "butt energy painting" LOL heeeheee! Ssshhhh!

Have a Glorious Sunday!

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  1. Hai Sheila. Well you do get the lead out! Georgious! I think your husband will love it, whit or whitout the meaning of it. Very beautiful!