Friday, March 13, 2009

Mystery Flower.......

Okay, I know the name of this flower, it's one of my favorite flowers from childhood, but for the life of me right now I cant remember it's name! I thought I'd just go and google it but I dont know what to words to search for.... uh dangly pink flower.... so if any of your remember, I appreciate the help :-)
I'm still working on the values of the flowers and wondering about the background and how I should go at it. So I guess it's still a mystery flower......


  1. Bleeding Hearts? They're beautiful. Great job.

  2. Those beautiful flowers are called Fushia. You did a great job on them!

  3. Yeah! my Watercolor pal, Phyllis sent me this email with the answer to my mystery flower, so mystery has been solved!

    Phyllis writes ": Its a Fushia!

    Its beautiful! great job, can't wait to see it finished. As for the background I've always thought that it called for a mottled light greens/ dark greens and some pinks thrown in for good measure. Keep up the good work.