Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuchsia's Mystery

This was a fun fuchsia painting and named appropriately Fuchsia's Mystery since I couldn't remember the name of the flower without the help of the friends here on my blog. Thank You!

One of the things I actually had trouble with is trying to get the water blossom effect on the painting. It was really difficult! which is funny since when I started painting I was a master at creating them. Maybe it was because I was using 330lb paper? well anyway, I was able to create some but not easily.

I'm going to continue defining the leaves but wanted to do a posting since I've been away so long.


  1. Looks beautiful Sheila! With such nice, vibrant color...I'm ready for spring!

  2. Thank You Michelle! Thank you for encouragement to and positive energy!!! Have a great day!