Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So excited that I got some of my artwork professionally framed. I found a person who does it inexpensively and I'm thrilled with his work. I finally can hang some of my own work on the walls.
Yeah! ( the white cardboard are corner protectors I haven't taken off yet)


  1. LOL... the white corners do kind of detract from the paintings. I'm sure you'll give another photo with them on the wall? Frames sure make a difference don't they?

  2. These look very nice. As sheila said we would like to see these hung on the wall.
    It is great to see your own work framed and finished as it really brings it up to another level.

  3. I had some difficulty to leave a comment .....
    I like the face that leads your blog, although very small. Try steps much larger, are more generous for the artist and their fans.
    Congratulations for your work!


  4. The art work looks very nice...!,
    I felt that the border mounding still can go further bigger,so can bring it up much more.