Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A place of my own - New Art Studio

New paint job outside is next but it's comfy inside

Painting area, new Buddha that's a WIP and that ugly box on my desk, works great as a incline for painting. It was a box that some watercolor paper came in.

Office work area
New artwork, the large one is a Angel with a stained glass behind her, I'm still working on the stained glass portion because I don't like what I've drawn. I'm itching to start on to the Angel but "patience" I keep telling myself... the other painting is a flower painting I did at a recent workshop I took with Kathleen Alexander, it was a great workshop. I'll be posting more info on that workshop next.

Well I finally did it, I moved out to our "Shed" out back, it's actually a custom shed that we bought long ago for additional storage from The Shed Shop . (Check them out if your in need for additional living space or storage. )
The "shed" is now " My Art Studio" Yay! After getting it cleaned out, the paint touched up and moving my art desk out there, I can say I now have a place of my own. It's amazing how quiet it is out there and no distractions from the family. I can "zone" out for hours and just paint, what a amazing experience.


  1. How exciting! Not having to continually pick up your stuff is such a relief! I know you'll enjoy your little haven.

  2. Bravo! So happy for you and your new painting studio space. It looks just wonderful.

  3. Looks like an awesome space, Sheila! So glad to see you have it heated and wired for electricity too. Love that you have a beautiful vase of flowers in there...they just set a mood, don't they?

  4. This studio really does look wonderful. I know some great art is going to be made there.

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  6. What a lovely setting to do such strong art work. How very fine indeed. Peace,


  7. Time to have a 'place of your own' naming brainstorm.. Let's begin with a few quoted words that you yourself used to describe your moving into this space:
    'Shed', 'My Art Studio', 'zone'

    Some words from the comments here:
    'little haven' 'space' 'very fine'

    Some more that Mickey came up with while thinking of you and your art:
    'brilliance', 'still soul retreat', 'SheilART'

    Playing a bit, 'Haven Zone', 'Still Zone', 'Quiet an Art Studio' 'Shed my Skin Art Zone',
    and a favorite of mine, 'Sheshe ART Studio' (notice that's "She's heart Studio").

    Just getting started here. Can't wait to see some more ideas from the artistic friends that swing by your blog..

    I'll be on the lookout for the sign post to paint.. What'aya think? Hang the sign on the wall, the door, or plant a signpost in a pot of flowers by the door?

    Love and Hugs, Noreen