Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks Michelle Burnett! for the great site for Artists

Found this site from visiting Michelle Burnett blog site. (Thanks Michelle!) It's called Etsy "Your place to buy and sell all things homemade" Michelle has a post up about purchasing a piece of art by Authur Simo, Arthur is an artist with autism. You can see and read his blog here.

It was cool to find this site and see all the incredible arts and crafts, and the deals are unbelievable. I'll be doing my shopping here in the future. Of course I wondered about sales, does anything really get sold here? I couldn't see if things were actually being sold (although I haven't fully check out the site). But then I found this statistic report that Etsy puts out and WOW! nice to see that a whopping 683,369 items were sold and generating $9.9 million for the month of January. This is a smart move for Etsy to post these statistics and let everyone see how well this is going and the potential sales you can have here on their site. See a partial report below, you can see more on their site .

Now that I've seen the statistics and I like the site I've created a account and I'll be thinking of the things I can make and sell here. What a great resource! I'm going to tell my family and friends about it. http://www.etsy.com/

Etsy Statistics: January 2009 Weather Report

Every year, January is an interesting month at Etsy: we know that sales will be down when compared to the prior month, December, but listings will go up, as folks re-stock their shops after the holiday season. We also pay very close attention to how sales change from week-to-week. As we approach Valentine’s Day we expect the last week of January to exceed the first.

We were pleased with January results: the numbers exceeded our expectations in these difficult economic times.

The stats:

  • $9.9 million of goods were sold; roughly 23% below December's sales figure (sales for the last full week of January represented a 9.3% increase above the first full week of January).
  • That represents 683,369 items sold for the month, a 16.2% decrease from December's stats.
  • 1,203,417 million new items were listed in January, up from 1,098,644 items or 9.2% vs. December.
  • 138,000 new members joined the Etsy community, 16.3% below December's record number of new members.
  • 443,468,017 page views were recorded on the site, an 8.1% increase compared to December.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Etsy community in January!

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