Sunday, February 15, 2009


Finding a interesting subject to paint has been my challenge lately. I've been working on creating a reference catalog. But nothing inspired me! most of this week I was pretty busy but I wanted to paint something, finally decide I would just throw some color down and see if a image emerged and then I would do some negative painting and go from there.
After the paint dried, there wasn't a lot there... so I just decided to break out a book and do a exercise. The book I choose is "Watercolor for the first time" by Kory Fluckiger. This is a really good book with friendly exercises to start off with. For my painting I choose the pears.


  1. This is wonderful Sheila E. Colors are delightful and the pears are perfection. Do more, do more! How big is this by the way?

    Sheila T.

  2. Sheila,

    These are really gorgeous! Your washes are so beautiful and the pears really have substance and seem to glow!