Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Poppy Stranger - Progress

Here's where I'm at to date with the Poppies. It's coming along... the one thing I've found out about this painting is that I should study poppies more. I kinda feel like I'm going through the dark, not much passion either, since I really don't know the poppy. No formal introduction, no small talk, no dance.. it's like painting some stranger. I like poppies, in fact I think they are very beautiful, but I have no relationship with them. How silly! but not really......... I'll have to make a date with some poppies.


  1. Sheila, These are lovely! Such a vibrant red!

  2. Sheila this is gorgeous. If you want to be one with the poppies you should come up to Jackson in the spring. They are everywhere. Orange yellow and RED! They are a beautiful flower and you captured them perfectly. Your work is lovely. I had no idea you painted. I love water color. I used to paint but now I just take photos. Thanks for sharing your work!

    Eleanor Caputo

  3. Wow! Is this what you worked on in Jan Foss's workshop? I only ask because I know she is big on flowers. Is this a full sheet?